Sunday, January 16, 2011

Namaste Yogi's!

After a few months I return again with more followers lol, thank you to everyone who has been to this page and I apologize for no response from me for awhile. It seems every time I thought of some idea or had a moment of inspiration the old writer's block floated on in and I could not put down one single thought.

I am officially in the 8th Annual Western Hatha Yoga Competition as of this Saturday. What have I learned or tried to incorporate into my test of skill (if you may)?

* A proper diet is essential in maintaining energy, flexibility, hydration, strength and endurance.
* I miss my sugar, dairy and wheat:(

* There are many challenges towards this type of goal and lots of stress factors that will rev up your emotions. It is normal to feel temporarily discouraged but the most important thing to know is that another day lies ahead to keep yourself balanced. Another day to revive your confidence.

* If you just ask for help, it is always there within your reach. My stubbornness can outweigh my need for support sometimes but through my favorite yoga guru, Frank (have I mentioned he is temporarily back in town?) I understand my body, it's abilities, my capacity for learning and most importantly the confidence I now have to firmly walk up on that stage and say 'I can do this'.

* I am in awe of the other competitors who I will have the privilege of competing with, I understand their struggles, their emotions, and their nervousness and they all have my utmost respect.

*The flu, ear infection, sore spine, bruises, sore elbows, sleeping problems and a stubborn cough are not going to get the better of me!

*I am going to order my favorite pasta with a ginger ale and a mouthwatering chocolate dessert the day after the competition. It's about balance, right?


  1. Heck yes its about balance! I'm training for a figure competition right now and all I can think about is what I'm going to treat myself with after. :)

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