Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Set Yourself on Fire!- A Competitor's Goal

I open my eyes, slowly, aware that I am facing away from the clock I turn over to see the alarm; yet even as I gaze upon it I know already it's ten minutes to 7. I take a deep breath in and go over in my mind the days events that will take place. START. It's the same routine I have had for the last week and a half. Protein for breakfast and lots of water, tea to soothe my nerves and some fruit to quench the sugar and water fixes. Stretches to loosen my legs and a little music to lighten the mood before I head on over to my 930 Bikram Yoga class. I walk in the frigid January air trying to keep my body from cramping anticipating the heat that will wrap itself around me. The moment I see friendly and familiar smiles and faces from the receptionists and students, my mind is already a little more at ease. BREATH. My mind seems to time the minutes to each posture I've been waiting for, my legs holding out the endurance needed for standing head to knee and that released freedom I start to appreciate when I'm able to bring my elbows down and think about one symbol of my strength to keep my forehead on my knee. FOCUS. Class lets out and I lay in savasana knowing what comes next. I bring myself in bridge to stretch out the back and it lets out a little crack to tell me it's ready for some back bends. The wall bends are not my favorite but as I peer into the mirror to my side I see a beautiful display of an arch. RELAX. A familiar voice tells me it's time for practice to begin; more standing head to knees, more standing bows, more floor bows, more rabbits, more stretches. The hot room no longer has the same effect anymore, it becomes an immersement of energy now, a place to feel the forca of strength. PUSH. After two hours of practice I come out to the explosive fresh air; throat burning, ears in pain from infection, muscles screaming, blood pumping, tears overwhelming, hands shaking, elbows blistered, feet numb. PAUSE. I look into the mirror and notice there is something different about me; it's in my eyes.. A look of wanting, a feeling of needing... a confidence, a determination.. a desire. TIME.
...Beep...Beeep...Beeep...My alarm goes off and small smile stretches across my face, yeah, it's going to be a good day.

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