Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 30-150-March 2nd (Tuesday)

Studio-Metrotown, Burnaby

150 days..It's hard to believe I have gotten this far. I started out in October just wanting to do the 30 day challenge, never would have imagined that six months later I would be in a hot room being taught by one of Bikram's Canadian right hand men, Brad Colwell, also the director of this studio. I choose to take Brad's class because both Candice and Frank spoke highly of him and it would be an interesting way to see someone else's view of my practise.
Unlike Langley and White Rock, this studio has two hot rooms (as they have classes running every hour) and our class was apparently in the bigger one of the two (could have fooled me, I felt a bit claustrophobic at first), with only one window in the corner it was a little isolated for my taste but the atmosphere was quite different than what I am use to. The lighting is a bit darker, and the room has a soft, beige color to create a deep relaxing state of mind.
Brad is a perfectionist but his focus on helping the student's perfect form is much different than what I am use to, for he literally made me redo postures like balancing stick, cobra and fixed firm to make me aware of the small details I was either slacking on or have not focused enough attention to. The heat even felt different where I literally felt nauseous at times but even in my moments of panic (he is not a lover of fans), I was determined to take in this experience, even if I dropped to my knees at the end, however, I kicked past the mind BS and kicked my own butt.
The greatest moment tonight was when Brad asked me after when I was going to take TT because he said my passion and energy were there, he was excited to see me pursue this-true honour and privilege to have him congratulate me and say " I hope to see you in Las Vegas soon, come back to this studio anytime". And of course I was speechless.
Great night, that's why I'm up till midnight writing this, too excited to sleep♥
Last note-I have learned so much from many instructors but I believe my true determination and drive has always been from Frank, and I feel like he was there with me tonight and everyday in my heart and spirit. I hope to see him soon.


  1. What an interesting class--and a good (if hard) teacher! Sometimes it's good to break out of our comfort zones. I bet you will remember those corrections for future classes!

  2. Congratulations on the 150 days! I am soooo happy for you. What a HUGE accomplishment! And yes, I do believe TT would be a good thing if you can work it into your life. :)
    I plan to make it there someday myself.